Exciting Jimmie Van Zant Band News!

We’re really happy with the outcome thus far with the release of our new album, Feels Like Freedom, which has already sold thousands of copies world wide and climbing.  Check out Unfinished Life on YouTube, it has reached over 1 million views since March.

The entire album presents not only the southern rock sound that you have heard in the past but also a fresh blend of a soothing country feel that we’re known for. Every song has a message or memory that we can all relate to.

My goal is to keep you constantly updated on all our events and what’s happening, moment by moment, I plan to to make this 2014 tour, more exciting then ever before.

I’m really excited that plans are on the table to begin recording another album, as well as a Christmas album to boot.  In the meantime you can get “Feels Like Freedom” at Amazon.com, CD Baby.com, Best Buy.com and don’t forget to please download the Pandora app on your phone or tablet and get Jimmie Van Zant Radio.

Stay tuned for upcoming additions to the web site, including a store for all of your JVZ merchandise.  New tour dates will be posted as they come in!

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